This Little Morris Side Went to Market…

Today Worthing Larks were once again performing out and about; our 4th Saturday in as many weeks! Today we made our Shoreham debut at the Shoreham Farmer’s Market; a brilliant event with lots of delicious goods on sale and a wonderful, captive audience sitting outside the local cafes and restaurants adjacent to where we were to perform. What could be better than a spot of Morris Dancing to entertain you whilst you’re enjoying a nice, peaceful, quiet lunch? It may be best not to answer that question, particularly when the Morris Side in question forgot the dance halfway through made an error in their dancing and had to redeem themselves do another one instead. Thankfully our audience was understanding and had a great sense of humour, laughing along with us as we laughed at ourselves and started all over again. And then again. We got there in the end thankfully though, and if anyone asks then we will just blame it on the music! Sometimes things don’t quite go to plan, but as long as we all have a good time and we put on an entertaining show for the people watching then we can call it a success, even if our hey is occasionally more of a “Hey watch where you’re going!”.

Having said this though, we do seem to be quite popular of late! The summer months are usually a very busy time for Morris Dancers. Traditionally, morris runs in “seasons” with a practice season between September/October and the end of April, followed by a performance season between May and September/October, with the 1st May being the 1st performance of the year for many Morris Sides. Worthing Larks are a little bit different though; one of our aims is to normalise Morris in the local community, and we thought that one of the best ways of going about this would be by getting people used to seeing us regularly, which is why we don’t only practice all year around but perform also. This was also the original idea behind our monthly busk, and you will be able to find us with our Larks beanie hats and tatty coats on as the weather gets colder outside… Until then though, please do come and watch us in the sunshine! We have been booked for a very special, private event next weekend but we will be out and about in Worthing once more on Saturday 4th September, followed by the Worthing Food Festival which is taking place at the Steyne Gardens, Worthing on the 11th and 12th September. We’re hoping to perform on both days of the Food Festival so please do check our events page as we will be updating this once we have had the times of our performances confirmed, and of course, if you just cannot wait until then to see us then please do pop over to our Contact Us page and drop us a line… We recruit dancers and musicians all year round and would love to welcome you along to our next practice!

Published by Worthing Larks

Worthing Larks are a mixed Morris side based in Worthing, West Sussex

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