Teas in the Trees

Today a selection of Worthing Larks took a trip to the Offington Park Methodist Church, Worthing, to support their Christmas Tree Festival by both dancing and sampling their fabulous afternoon tea. We performed a selection of dances including two from the Adderbury Tradition, one Roundhill Border dance and a couple of our own Broadwater creations,Continue reading “Teas in the Trees”

This Little Morris Side Went to Market…

Today Worthing Larks were once again performing out and about; our 4th Saturday in as many weeks! Today we made our Shoreham debut at the Shoreham Farmer’s Market; a brilliant event with lots of delicious goods on sale and a wonderful, captive audience sitting outside the local cafes and restaurants adjacent to where we wereContinue reading “This Little Morris Side Went to Market…”

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez! Larks Are Back in Town!

Yesterday (24th July 2021) Worthing Larks made our way into Worthing Town at lunchtime for a spot of busking! There were quite a few firsts which made it special; the first dance out after the lifting of restrictions, the first outing for us under our new name of Worthing Larks (with shiny new badges!), theContinue reading “Oyez, Oyez, Oyez! Larks Are Back in Town!”

Offington Roundabout

Today, a group of 8 Worthing Larks met at Downsbrook so that we could learn a dance the Squire had written for the Side called Offington Roundabout. The dance is named after an actual roundabout in the Worthing area and also takes inspiration directly from road layouts, including figures such as Crossroads, Mini Roundabouts andContinue reading “Offington Roundabout”

What a Lark!

For the last week the Bag has secretly been slaving over her sewing machine to produce a Lark costume for the Side to use as our Beast mascot when out and about, and tonight surprised everyone at practice by turning up wearing it. What a lark! The Squire, in on the surprise, was ready withContinue reading “What a Lark!”

A Murmuration of Larks Descends on Worthing

This evening, after the further lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, a murmuration of Larks descended on Downsbrook Primary School in Worthing for our first practice as a full side (without the rule of 6) in a very long time. We were all very excited to see each other, and with friendly hugs, a lot of stickContinue reading “A Murmuration of Larks Descends on Worthing”

Sunday Practice Success!

With further lifting of restrictions on the horizon and the idea of everyone meeting as a group again soon to be a reality, the Worthing Larks have been practicing very hard to prepare ourselves for our first dance out of the year, for which planning is underway. Today we had two practice sessions of 6Continue reading “Sunday Practice Success!”

Happy May Day 2021

As Worthing Larks were unable to dance together today, due to Covid 19 restrictions, Eliza the Squire decided that she would instead welcome in the May with a solo jig. Unfortunately she didn’t quite get the memo to see in the sunrise and her jig didn’t take place until Midday due to a pre-meditated lie-in,Continue reading “Happy May Day 2021”