Oyez, Oyez, Oyez! Larks Are Back in Town!

Yesterday (24th July 2021) Worthing Larks made our way into Worthing Town at lunchtime for a spot of busking! There were quite a few firsts which made it special; the first dance out after the lifting of restrictions, the first outing for us under our new name of Worthing Larks (with shiny new badges!), the very first performance as a Lark for one of our lovely ladies, and the first time playing solo for our wonderful harmonica player, as well as Riley dog’s first outing as Official Morris Dog.

The people of Worthing gave us a brilliant welcome and we were so pleased to be approached by locals, and a couple of other morris dancers, who wanted to know more about us, who we were and when we’d be back again. We even got our very first donation despite not actively collecting! Thank you very much, whoever that was, it was very kind.

We danced three stands; two in Montague Place (due to another busker outside M&S, where we were planning to start) and then a third one in Warwick Street. Unfortunately we only had 7 Larks able to perform due to holidays and isolations but we didn’t let this deter us in the slightest and thoroughly enjoyed getting completely worn out dancing a mixture of Adderbury, our own Broadwater tradition and also Roundhill dances, as well as a couple of solo Field Town jigs, during which one of our younger members jumped so high he almost took off! The inspiration behind our jig called Shoreham Airport? Quite possibly!

The highlight of our day had to be the new friend we made in the local Worthing Town Crier, Bob Smytherman, who we happened to bump into at our third stand as he was on the way to another event. Oyez, oyez, oyez! (That’s pronounced “Oh yay!” and is 15th Century Anglo-French for “Hear Ye!” in case you’re wondering.) What a brilliant coincidence and we were all thrilled when he shouted loudly and proudly all about Worthing Larks for the townspeople to hear.

All in all a really fabulous day was had by us all, and we are all thoroughly worn out now. We can’t stop just yet though, we’re back out again on Saturday 31st July for Worthing and Beyond Summer Event 2021 at the Hand Brew Co. Brewery and Tap Rooms where we are to dance a 20 minute stand at 2.50pm. This will be followed by the Shoreham Farmer’s Market on Saturday 14th August, and of course we will be back in Worthing Town for our usual monthly stands once again also. Come see us in action and say hello! And if you cannot wait until then, look below to watch a video of the Worthing Town crier shouting on our behalf and click through our performance pics to see what we get up to!

Published by Worthing Larks

Worthing Larks are a mixed Morris side based in Worthing, West Sussex

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