Offington Roundabout

Today, a group of 8 Worthing Larks met at Downsbrook so that we could learn a dance the Squire had written for the Side called Offington Roundabout. The dance is named after an actual roundabout in the Worthing area and also takes inspiration directly from road layouts, including figures such as Crossroads, Mini Roundabouts and Contraflow Bus Lane, with the majority of the dance being performed in the circular shaped set you can see in the picture above.

We spent just under two hours learning the dance, with many tweaks along the way to make it flow better for the dancers than the original notes had dictated, and at the end of our practice we managed to dance it all the way through without a major pile up or head-on collision. The Squire was dancing the dance whilst teaching it from position 2 and hadn’t actually seen it from the point of view of an outsider, or anywhere other than in her own head for that matter, so the film produced by the Foreman at the end of practice was extremely helpful, alongside everyone wearing numbers so she didn’t get confused as to who was where. She is pleased to say that she thoroughly enjoyed seeing the dance come together and thinks it went quite well, particularly that all she had was an idea in her head, a sheet of slightly dodgy notes from which to teach it and a group of willing slaves dancers who were keen to help bring it to life. We do have some areas that still need to be worked on, particularly the dance-off timings at the end where there was a bit of a traffic jam on the roundabout, so this will be looked at when we practice it again and she is hopeful that once we have all passed our driving tests perfected the dance we will be able to perform it out in town without any further collisions.

When we do perform this dance we are hoping to do so as a sort of flash mob, with a lone musician who is gradually surrounded in dancers who perform around him/ her and then go off into the crowd on their merry way once the dance is over. When we do this there will, no doubt, be another video but for now here we have some raw, unedited footage of Offington Roundabout. Enjoy!

Published by Worthing Larks

Worthing Larks are a mixed Morris side based in Worthing, West Sussex

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