A Murmuration of Larks Descends on Worthing

This evening, after the further lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, a murmuration of Larks descended on Downsbrook Primary School in Worthing for our first practice as a full side (without the rule of 6) in a very long time. We were all very excited to see each other, and with friendly hugs, a lot of stick clashing, hanky waving and general merriment we got down to the nitty-gritty of practicing our dances ahead of our planned upcoming post-Lockdown performance in June. We even managed to get two sets up to dance and had a Bag session to discuss upcoming events, something which we almost forgot the joys(!!) of during those long Lockdown evenings spent dancing alone on Zoom with just pet dogs and cats for company. Tonight our lines may have been a little wonky, and sticks askew at times, but the Foreman was so happy to have everyone back together again that all was forgiven. For this week at least! We’ll be back together again next Tuesday for another practice session; something I can say with full certainty that we are all very much looking forward to. Watch out Worthing, the Larks are back in town!

Published by Worthing Larks

Worthing Larks are a mixed Morris side based in Worthing, West Sussex

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