Lilongwe comes to Worthing…

Today, after having previously shelved our Lilongwe (Malawi) tradition dances due to social distancing and Covid-19, we rekindled our passion for them with a dedicated practice session for two bubbles of dancers and another of musicians. These dances, performed in single steps with interesting figures such as Bonfire and Wigwams, and the unique Dulwich Hey, were originally written by our well-traveled Foreman whilst he was working overseas many years ago and performing with the City of Lilongwe Morris, and as far as we are aware, we are currently the only Side in the country to be dancing them. Yay us!

Unfortunately, today was our last practice for at least a month, due to the looming 2nd lockdown, but we like to think we went off with a bang. Or a clash of sticks anyway, and one of our newer members would certainly agree, as she earned a badge for dancing The Mayor’s Delight perfectly, having been shoved into a set of experienced dancers and expected to dance it having never even seen it before! Wow! Her dancing was great, but unfortunately the throwing skills of the Foreman left a lot to be desired when he attempted to present her badge whilst maintaining social distancing. No badges for you there, Mr. Foreman!

All in all a brilliant session, and although at one point we all got a little damp with rain, and the desired murmuration of Larks was at times more of a muddle when practicing Old Osborne, we finished on a high. This won’t be the end of Sompting Larks; we’re going over to Zoom for Lockdown but will be back dancing together again once restrictions are lifted. We’ve seen ourselves through one lockdown already and remained strong, and have full intention of doing it again.

Published by Worthing Larks

Worthing Larks are a mixed Morris side based in Worthing, West Sussex

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